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I hope you enjoy watching as much as I did playing.

"Total G"

I used a short musical theme as a vehicle to have some fun on my favorite instruments.

Ya' Gotta Try (Drum Cover)

I resurrected one of my favorite tunes to play back in high school.

Teacher/Student Snare Duet

I hit record during a lesson with one of my hardest working students (Ryan Whitney, Norwalk High School freshman). 

Drum Sampler

These are a few small samples of me having fun in my studio.

Live Solo

... taken by a fan in the crowd at a July 4th concert. 

Island Magic

I was working on some projects for clients in my studio and started rocking out to this old Weckl tune while on a break. I decided to hit record....

Drum Clinic Promo 

Take a brief glimpse of my drum clinic tour. 

Drum Clinic @ SoNo Arts Festival

These are excerpts from an Afro Cuban percussion clinic/performance. (I'm the one on the drum set.)

Funny Bass Practice

I know it's not a drum video but it'll make you smile anyway.

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