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These are just a few of the recordings I've done over the years. 

Hey Good Lookin' - The Damon Grant Project
I Be... - Fantabulous Family
Transformation - Gerald Myles
Sitting On The Edge - Alain Bradette
Reptomin - The Damon Grant Project
Blessed Assurance - Ed Knoeckel
Sweet Thing - The Volunteers
Who Am I - J. Antonette

Hey Good Lookin"

Damon Grant Project

Here's my favorite song from Damon's latest album. You can hear me on 6 tunes in total if you buy the record (which I highly recommend). The overall production is some of the best I've ever been a part of.

I Be...

The Fantabulous Family

I had to dig in the crates for this one, but it's one of my all time favs'. We were young, filled with fire and ideas. The entire track builds to a raw, bombastic, head-noddin' ending. 


Gerald Myles

I wrote, recorded and performed this song with The Fantabulous Family way back in 2000. (The original recording actualy has hip hop lyrics.) Over a decade later, I decided to do another version. This new incarnation has me playing drums, bass, and about 10 keyboard tracks. The only other musician is guitarist Tom Lindsey.

Sitting On The Edge

Alain Bradette

This is one of my most cherished tenor saxaphonists to work with. Alain is an incredible composer and breathes fire through his horn. 


The Damon Grant Project

I've done many recordings with my life long friend and fellow percussionist Damon Grant. I take a little extra pride in this one. Damon booked 2 days at the Carriage House Studio to record an 11 song album with countless musicians and lots of overdubs. This was the last tune and we were running out of time. What you hear on the album is the 1 and only take!

Blessed Assurance

Ed Knoeckel Trio

Bandleader and pianist Ed Knoeckel took the arranging styles of jazz/fusion and applied them to traditional church hymns. This is a newer recording, but done in an old school way: 3 musicians in 1 room, playing live.

Sweet Thing

The Volunteers

I spent 4 years touring the country with this amazing band and playing some of the biggest events of my career, from the President's inauguration to the last game at the old Yankee Stadium.

Who Am I

Jessica Antonette

Jess is an up and coming pop singer whom I've had the pleasure of recording with more recently. Kit Karlson mixed and produced this track and did an amazing job bringing out the big rock sound in my drum kit.

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