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"So Gerald, what do you do?"

I've played around the world and back again. Home base may have changed over the years but I'm always gigging, teaching, and recording. 

Private Lessons

I could fill a book with how proud I am of my students. Over the years I've helped aspiring drummers win scholarships to the best music schools in the nation, land national touring gigs, and build thriving careers as pro musicians.  

CONTACT today for a free consultation.

Recording Sessions

I've gained experience from hundreds of recording sessions and years of learning the "ins and outs" of producing. These skills came together resulting in my own online recording business.

Clients fill out a quick order form and upload their song. I record the tune in my state of the art home studio and email back a finished product in 5 business days or less. The process can save thousands of dollars, and takes all the hassle out of going to a studio. Since Myles Of Drums (formerly NetDrummers) went live in 2004, I've done countless sessions for musicians around the entire planet. 

Live Performer

Playing out live is the one job description that I've held the longest. I played my first paying gig at age 15 and haven't stop since.


Check out the videos to see me in action. Better yet; hit the "Contact" page and let's put a gig on the calendar.

Guest Clinician

Being a guest clinician is the perfect marriage between teaching and performing. Every year I visit schools to educate and motivate up and coming musicians. I bring tracks to play along with and do some "Q & A" between songs. 

Clinic topics vary depending on my audience. One day I may give demonstrations on building entertaining solos specifically for drummers.

The next day I may find myself in an auditorium filled with all different musicians who want to learn the many possibilities of making music into a career.

I welcome and cater to all audiences who want to be inspired.

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